Special Offers

  • Yes even at Enginuity we too have special offers ...
  • during the winter months, we have more time to offer on upgrades & toys!

If you have a Waxoyl done between September & March inclusive,then we can offer.....
The underside is wire brushed down, it is then waxoyled inside the chassis, sills, doors, inner wings & wheel arches boot & bonnet frames (anywhere we can get it inside we will ! ) then underside is done with 'black' waxoyl which is slightly more tenacious than clear. All this for £458.33 + vat ( £550.00 20% vat inc ) Usually £551.65 + vat (£661.98 inc) We now use Tetroseal Waxoyl as it lasts longer and is less pungent.
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