Early in 1993 we were offered a very poorly TR5. One owner from new it was hard to say no! We brought the car, but it was such a wreck we pushed it to one side & left it. It ended up in Marks Garage for eleven years until we dragged what was left of it into the workshop 3 years ago. It was in such poor shape that most of the body had to be scrapped. The chassis & bulkheads were salvageable with plenty of hard work. We then had a long period of "squirreling" away as many parts as we could find to complete just the body build. We had to recondition the chassis as the years had not been kind to it.
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What was left of the rusting 'hulk' was sent off along with squirreled panels, to the shot blasters to do his worst. For the next 3 years the body was built to exacting standards. The only time spent on the car was 'spare time' found between customers cars so as not to add too much to the panel shops work load!
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Its been a very long wait for us as we are obviously very keen to get it into the workshop ready for the engine / suspension / fuel system / seats / wiring / wheels & tyres / ( & anything we can think of ) upgrade! BUT the underside was the first to get the paint & as you can see we went for a racing green metalic..
We are now at the stage of fitting the wiring loom, R3 Engine gearbox & all the running gear to make the car fairly complete before the outer wings are fitted to finish the painting outside.


The heavily modified wiring loom with relayed & fused systems fitted into place above the passengers feet.
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Here the new R3 engine is in with alluminium radiator, silicone hoses, clear injector pipes ( to tell if there are any bubbles inside ), over head throttle linkage to allow clearance on the Pheonix 'Race' lagged extractor manifold, uprated 60 amp alternator, straight inlet induction tubes for improved torque & you can just see the inside of the engine bay vents on the inner wing by the brake master cylinder, for better engine bay temperature control.
Walnut dash for best original look, all reconditioned gauges, Intermittant wiper system, Hazzard lights, new Mota-Lita flat black 14 in steering wheel, & digital radio / cd player.


Here the rear end is fitted up showing off is stripes!Nearly there, at least its running ( just! ). As you can see the stripes go perfectly well with the car, the side wing vents are a smaller version in profile to the radiator grille & look superb!


Well thats about that! whatch this space for the next 'project'.Our TR5 when it first entered our workshop was a bit of a mess!
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